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In the next 20 years, the world market demand on turboprop aircraft will reach more than 3.000 aircrafts, where three quarter of it are sixty seaters and up. Asia Pacific region has the biggest economic growth for the last decade and will keep the highest demand of turboprop aircraft delivers for another decades ahead. Indonesia as the biggest archipelago country in the world is such an attractive market for air transportation industries to connect 17000 islands and to facilitate 250 million people mobility among the region. RAI was founded in 2012 by Prof. Dr. Ing. BJ Habibie to answer the market needs through the development of R80, the New Generation Turboprop Aircraft by relying on innovators and experts who have experiences in aircraft developments. The R80 program will empower the potensilas industries and national aerospace instituions in inndonesia and also building the international connection supply chain.
PT CHROMA is an Indonesian engineering company working in the area of aeronautical engineering with main competencies in aerodynamics, structure and instrumentation. It was founded in year 2000 by a number of broadly experienced engineers. The experience gained throughout the years enabled the company to emphasize on its worldwide vision and became PT CHROMA INTERNATIONAL in year 2009. Our aim is to be beneficial for our company’s stake holders by providing products and services with highest added value to our customers. We also enhance our human resource competencies and capabilities by nurturing them in a conductive environment. We believe that it is best to build a profitable and sustainable technology based business. Ultimately, we hope to contribute in achieving our nation aeronautical independence. In achieving our vision and missions we strive to work passionately, with full of integrity in pursuit of excellence.
PT PUDAK Scientific was established in 2005 as a manufacturer of precision parts and components. We have a vision to become the regional leader in the field of manufacturing commercial Aerospace Parts and High Precision Mechanical Components. We are passionate to provide manufacturing solution that conform to AS9100 Aerospace Quality Standard and we will ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction and on-time delivery.
PT Yogya Presisi Teknikatama Industri (PT YPTI) is your precision partner to fulfill needs precision parts, checking fixture, mould making and plastic injection using the latest CNC Technology to provide customers satification with high quality product.
The company started from Mr. Santoso’s long techni- cal experience and dream to meet the growing demand in quality precision components. Since the beginning, we are known for the quality and value of our products. It has been our policy to manufacture each product in our facilities to ensure process control and high quality standard. We are specializing in manufacture of custom made Mechanical Component and Special Cutting Tool. We serve a broad range of industries such as automotive, aero-space, heavy industry, food & beverage, pharmacy, medical, sanitary product, etc. Today, we have grown to become a national leader in precision machining in Indonesia and expanding our market regionally. Our list of prestigious clients along with the comprehensive know how, the innovative thinking, the high-tech equipments and the competent specialists are proof of our commitment and support to our clients.
Indonesia Aircraft Maintenance Services Association
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